While RUN AMOK is a work of fiction, it speaks to a very real issue we face in the United States: an unconscionable amount of gun violence and gun-related deaths. Part of the driving force in making this film is to draw attention to this issue-- and, we hope, spark discussion that can help contribute to a change in our gun culture. This film is meant to spark discussion, so we're glad to partner with Project Unloaded to provide a few questions for folks to consider after they watch the film.


• What was your earliest awareness of the threat of school shootings? What conscious or unconscious changes have you made in response to that threat?

• Meg is proposing a theatrical reenactment of a shooting that took place at her school. What role does art play in addressing traumatic events?

• Do you think the Mr. Shelby and Principal Linda responded reasonably to Meg? If you were in their shoes, what would you have done differently?

• The characters have different connections to the shooting that took place at the school. Who should get to decide how a mass shooting is remembered?