Are you worried about making a dark comedy that deals with the aftermath of a school shooting? Me too. But I’m more worried about not making this film. About there not being a film that cuts through the thoughts and prayers. I clearly remember the day my kid came back home from school in his first month of kindergarten and reported that they’d had a lockdown drill. Oh, I asked, What’s that? Well, he said, We hid in the bathroom and had to be quiet so that dangerous animals wouldn’t get us. I still think about this when I send him to school. And when I go into a grocery store. Or a movie theater. I look for exits, make a plan of escape. We, as a society, have normalized this. We've normalized the American-ness of gun culture. In making this film, I hope to jolt the audience into an urgent, if uncomfortable realization: This is not normal. And it's time to change the culture.